Our Clients

P&F Holding Ltd – Long-term cooperation includes management and consulting activities representing the interest of the client’s business in Macedonia.

Web page: www.pfwineries.com

Urban Steel Engineering - Consulting services and exchange of know-how on the notion of execution of various projects relevant to consulting activities of Urban Steel Engineering.

Web page: www.urbansteel.com.mk

PSF Plasticom LTD - underlines consulting services in areas of company’s developmental activities, investment and funding strategy, and also, mediation in international contacts and players in waste treatment sector.

Media City - underlines long-term consultancy and partnership in areas of sales, media planning and commercial activities.

Web page: www.mediacity.mk

Promo DOO – (partner of Siemens AG), underlines financial advisory services in providing external financial support, targeted towards future growth and development of Promo.

Web page: www.promotel.com.mk

Specijalna Oprema - consultancy services in reference to long-term investment planning for diversification of company’s operating portfolio and establishment of local production capacities.

Web page: www.skopjesos.com.mk

Lazov Group - General Management services referring to reconstruction and management of the core business processes, design of system for internal finance and management account analysis in line with IFRS standards, definition of a long term investment and budget planning process including specific key guidelines in reference to future potential acquisition of the Company by a foreign strategic partner.

Web page: www.lazovgroup.com.mk

Farel DOO - Design and creation of a long term feasibility study on potential start up and mediation in establishment of business contacts with relevant International businesses in the existing European PVC industry sector, in order to explore and utilize on the potential opportunities of franchised /licensee production of PVC in the region.

Web page: www.farel.com.mk

Diners Club International - Macedonia consultancy services in management, marketing, PR services as well as providing specialized trainings for the staff.

Web page: www.diners.com.mk

Samantha LTD - consultancy services in management of the working processes and analysis of the supply chain, planning and logistics structures of the Company.

Web page: www.samantha.com.mk

Birarija DOO Skopje - management services related to operational start of beer production and re-establishment of the business processes.

Tediko Super – (One of the Largest National Trade Key account chains) - cooperation underlines detailed financial and operational audit in reference to the operational restart of the business and seeking of potential acquisition partners/investors in MKD and region.

Ekoplan Depo – (waste treatment and ecology operator) – cooperation underlines financial and business planning consulting, in reference for the future prospects of the business as well as engagement in seeking potential business partners/investors.

Web page: www.ekoplandepo.mk

Trend Lounge Restaurants– Facilitation of consultative workshops for human resource development (mid and low level managers and executives) targeted toward increasing business capabilities and efficiencies of the integrated operational framework of the largest food and service outlets chain in the Country.

Web page: www.caffetrend.mk

Chateau Sopot – Winery – cooperation underlines mediation in the process of finding potential international investors/business partners within the Region of CE Europe.

Web page: www.chateausopot.mk

Attorney at law DDK (Debarliev, Dameski & Kelesoska) – consulting services in financial planning and budgeting & design of a long-term financial operations platform.

Web page: www.ddklaw.com.mk

Bismet” LTD Skopje – (Waste treatment facility – Iron based materials) – Cooperation underlines financial consulting services and preparation of 5-year financial business plan as well as mediation with commercial banks in the scope of financial support of the business model.

Media S – Cooperation underlines financial consulting, mediation with local commercial banks, as well as, preparation of multiple feasibility studies for the needs of the business development strategies.

Web page: www.medias.mk