Our Partners

Energo Sistem DOO is a company that operates in the fields of energy and ecology in Republic of Macedonia and surrounding countries. Since its foundation in 1993, the company is soon recognized as important player in the energy and ecology sector driven from the large number of clients and service users, and also, well developed portfolio of activities. Cooperation underlines exchange of know-how in the areas of consulting activities in the areas of operational portfolios of Energo Sistem and Petreski & Partners.

Web page: www.energosistem.com.mk

Develor Consulting Inc. for several years has been on of the most important market players in Central and Eastern Europe, in the areas of training and HR consultancy services. In addition to offering training programs, the company is also one of the largest coaching firms on the European market, and provides consultancy services aimed at increasing the effectiveness of training. Cooperation underlines promotion and consultancy activities in reference to establishment of Develor portfolio of services on the market of the Republic of Macedonia.

Web page: www.develor.com ; www.develor.rs