Groove Relation

More than 15 years ago, at an informal meeting of a close group of associates and friends, discussions were held on the subject of the need for creation of a unique radio programming content that would leave a specific urban mark on the Macedonian radio air, on the verge of the entrance into the new millennium. The outcome of this “debate” is today’s well established issue of the #grooverelation radio show, which under the dedicated leadership of the irrevocable Antonio John and Juliana Milutinovic, has resulted with 17 CD releases that are marking every year of its existence.

The reason for this shared memory is caused by the fact, that DJ Antonio John personally, and on the occasion of the 10th anniversary and the birthday of Petreski & Partners, remembered to create and present to us, a special edition of the #grooverelationCD compilation, which not only gives us recognition for our creativity and dedication, but also, represents a unique feature of a very significant jubilee for us as a team and a company.

At Johnny’s request, and with the help of our creative partners, ADvantage Creations, we have dedicated a unique design to this valuable edition.

Thank you from our hearts!

#10yearanniversary #grooverelation